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Monday, September 11, 2017

You know the saying... "a picture paints a thousand words..." So what does a picture painted on a rock say? Maybe it depends on the rock? Regardless, painted rocks typically have one thing in common... they bring Joy. 
You can't help but smile when you find one... when you see one... when you paint one...
Yeah, some people might be immune to their charm, 
but ironically that can only be if they have a ROCK for a Heart. :)

Painted Rocks are not a new thing -- the Joy they bring is just a revival.
Paint rocks for fun. Paint Rocks for therapy. Paint Rocks for artistic expression.

Hide rocks in public spaces, leaving a little joy for the hunter, 
or a little surprise for those who just happen upon one...

Found a Rock? Wherever you are, you might be in the area of an active rock painting group...
Check Facebook for the name of the city you are in... 
We belong to Grants Pass Rocks, Rogue River Rocks and Oregon Rocks.

If you are in Grants Pass, Rogue River, or somewhere in Oregon, 
please consider taking a picture of the rock you found and posting the picture on Instagram at 
#grantspassrocks, or #rogueriverrocks, and #oregonrocks

Got Rocks?

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