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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Susan's Corn

Thanks to our friend Susan...she allowed us to spend a little time at her house last weekend.  When I saw her garden, I couldn't help myself, I grabbed my camera and headed to the lower part of her property.  The sun was just right....perfect in fact.  She had the most gorgeous garden with beautiful corn stalks.  She used Anastasia's way of growing plants by  walking barefoot on the plot of land while holding the seeds in her mouth for 9 minutes. I must say...Susan has the prettiest corn I have ever seen.  Thanks for the visit and allowing me to discover my creative side again.

Anastasia stated: 
“Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe.  Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow – what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies – the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.  These fruits are designed to sustain Man’s life.  More powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present or future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human body.  But to this end the seed must know about the human condition.  So that during the maturation process it can satiate its fruit with the right correlation of substances to heal a specific individual of his disease, if indeed he has it or is prone to it.”

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