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Thursday, February 3, 2011


In our town, we love to hang our flags and we do it with pride. And they are all over town. I mean tons of flags, waving very proudly.

Rusty Pig

Ok, I am sorry, I have been a pig
. or Hey, it's been a while since we have talked, want to grab some lunch?

Cat and I travel to Portland every couple of months to spent some time with our best friends. One morning I awoke early and thought, since it was quite, I would wander around the backyard and find some treasures. Yep, I did....

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chips of Color

Had a little fun in the edit process of this photo. A group of us were playing Texas Hold' I was looking at the chips, I thought is would fun to make them black and white and try a little color.

The Path

As we were camping at the coast with our best friends, we took our dogs on the sand to play. This is what we found, a path. Again, we were blessed with great weather. Garibaldi, Oregon

Above the Horizon

Way above the crashing sea, on one of the most beautiful days, we found the horizon. Just North of Newport is Devil's Punch Bowl. Absolutely breathtaking...

White Lilac

Springtime in Portland can be beautiful. Our friends have the best backyard, covered with many different plants, flowers and great old rusted figurines. This is one of the georgous lilacs that there....


Softly praying...